A Message From Paul Ostrowski, Chief Executive Officer

7 April 2020

I’d like to thank you for your understanding and support as we navigate the unpredictable Coronavirus landscape. With the situation changing each day, the impact on our community and constant news-flow in the media, this is a challenging time for everyone.  It is especially challenging for you and those at the frontline delivering care.

Our focus remains on your safety and wellbeing and that of our staff and care workers.  We are committed to doing everything we can to minimise risk and our staff and preferred providers are implementing the latest Department of Health guidelines on safely delivering in-home care services.


As a technologically advanced organisation, disruption to our business and the way we continue to support you remotely has been minimal.  After carrying out a successful trial over the past three weeks, our staff has now transitioned to working from home.  We have to adjust to this new way of working but, please be assured that our teams are focused on your wellbeing, safety and support and are on hand to answer your queries and help with your care.


The Coronavirus situation will affect each individual differently, so we will personalise the support we provide, depending on your particular circumstances.

You will receive regular ‘Check In’ calls from our Care Adviser or your usual Care Connect care worker.  During these calls, please let us know how we can help you, what you need and what you need to know.  Please always feel free to contact us too if you are facing any difficulties or issues, and we will work collaboratively with you to meet these challenges. We are all in this together.

Additional services that we have introduced include:

  • as well as continuing to help those who already receive grocery services, we will be providing assistance with registration for delivery of groceries from Woolworths, Coles, and your local Pharmacy We are also working directly with Woolworths to develop programs to make food delivery more accessible
    • we encourage you to register with Woolworths or Coles for priority assistance – just let us know if you need us to help
  • support to get medications delivered – please let us know if we can help you with registration or making arrangements
    • Australia Post has launched its Pharmacy Home Delivery Service, please click here  to register
  • with the flu season fast approaching, we recommend that you make arrangements with your healthcare provider to have a flu-shot as soon as possible
  • ‘check in’ phone calls
  • regular updates and news reports via our Coronavirus page on this website (click on the yellow box next to the logo at the top of this page)
  • regular updates and helpful information via email – please don’t forget to let us know your email address (see ‘IMPORTANT NOTE’ below)
  • advice on how to stay healthy and inspired during social isolation. Please follow us on Facebook for our upcoming series ‘Stay Connected. Stay Inspired.’

The most important thing we can all do to minimise risk is to prevent avoidable transmission:

  • continue to implement the screening tool (see the attached chart) and if the answer is YES to any question, do not allow the person into your home
  • continue or start self isolation
  • follow hygiene routines (remember to wash your hands regularly with soap and water and cover your mouth and nose with your elbow if you sneeze)
  • discourage visitors – connect online or over the phone
  • always practice social distancing
  • please stay at home unless you must go out for grocery shopping, medication or healthcare appointments

If you develop any breathing difficulties, please contact 000.  If you develop a fever or flu-like symptoms, please call the national Coronavirus Helpline: 1800 020 080.

We have developed a handy chart for you to print out and keep on your fridge or save in a place on your computer or mobile device where you can find it easily. Please click here.

For 25 years and counting, Care Connect has provided in home care to over 40,000 Australians.  As we navigate this new normal, my commitment to you is that we will do whatever it takes to continue to support you to the best of our ability.


Yours sincerely

Paul Ostrowski
Chief Executive Officer


IMPORTANT NOTE: So we can keep you up to date as the situation evolves, kindly ensure that we have your  mobile phone number and email address as soon as possible by: Submitting an enquiry from the Contact Us page on this website; Sending an email to info@careconnect.org.au; or by calling us on 1300 866 228.  Please quote your client ID in your communications with us.