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Services for people under 65 years

Care Connect has over twenty-five years of experience in supporting people under the age of 65 with chronic health and disability.

If you are under 65 years of age (under 50 years of age for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) you may be eligible to access our Home and Community Care Program for Young People (HACC PYP) Linkages. The program assists people to remain independent at home and in the community.


Linkages Program

Linkages is available to people aged under 65, and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people aged under 50, who have complex care needs and would benefit from case management support.

You may be eligible for Linkages if you require assistance due to physical and or psychosocial functional impairment related to disability, chronic illness or short-term health needs, and could benefit from assistance with daily activities. The help you receive might include personal care, dressing, preparing meals, house cleaning, property maintenance, community access, or using public transport.

Care Connect manages Home and Community Care Program for Young People (HACC PYP) Linkages packages in inner and outer Eastern and Western metropolitan regions.

NDIS Access and Transition Support program

Care Connect can support you to apply for the NDIS. Our comprehensive understanding of the NDIS requirements can assist you with your application. If NDIS deems you eligible, we can then help you to prepare for your NDIS planning meeting.

We can provide case management support for up to 6 months or until your NDIS plan is approved, whichever is earlier.

Limited brokerage funding may be available to obtain required evidence to test NDIS eligibility (i.e. NDIS sometimes require therapy or other clinical reports.)

This program is available to HACC PYP-eligible clients.

Geoff applied for NDIS and had been unsuccessful. The paperwork was complicated, and his GP wasn’t sure of the application requirements.

Kathy from Care Connect visited Geoff at home to assist him. Together, they visited his GP, and Kathy guided the GP on how to complete the NDIS forms.

When Geoff submitted the revised paperwork, his eligibility for NDIS was confirmed. Kathy then supported Geoff to prepare for his NDIS planning meeting – he identified his goals and thought about what kind of help he would need to achieve them.

When the NDIS planner met with Geoff and Kathy, Geoff was ready, and the planning went well – Geoff now has an NDIS plan and is working towards his goals.

How we support you

A Linkages case manager will assist you to access a range of supports based on your goals, aspirations and needs to improve or maintain your capacity to remain living independently in the community. Your assistance may include services and supports, such as:

  • Links to supports, services and activities within your community.
  • domestic help
  • personal care
  • nursing
  • Allied Health (podiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy,  speech pathology and more)
  • respite and transport services provided by volunteers.

How do I refer to Care Connect?

Please contact our Intake team on intake-vic@careconnect.org.au or call us on 1800 116 166 and ask to speak to the HACC-PYP Intake team.

Online referrals can also be submitted via the Contact Us page.

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Care Connect is an approved HACC-PYP provider.

We have been helping Australians live independently at home for over 25 years.

The Home and Community Care program is funded by the Victorian government.