HomeCheck – FAQs

General FAQs

What are the key benefits of the HomeCheck platform?
  • Makes life easier and safer.
  • Using the check-in QR system is simple, quick and familiar.
  • Provides a sense of security in the knowledge that all care workers are meeting vaccination requirements for in home care.
  • All information is stored securely on the HomeCheck platform, protecting the privacy and security of personal and sensitive (including health) information collected, adhering strictly to the requirements of all State and Commonwealth privacy laws.
Why do Care Connect require their care workers to use HomeCheck?
  • My Aged Care require vaccination reports to be supplied on a weekly basis.
If service providers already have the care worker vaccination status recorded, then why are care workers required to check-in again?
  • To comply with the government regulations, Care Connect are required to show the vaccination status of all care workers, for each service delivered. This information is tracked for each visit and recorded through HomeCheck and updated weekly on My Aged Care.
Who is required to check-in to HomeCheck?
  • Only Care Connect care workers, including in-home and out-of-home care workers and Client Advisers who make home visits.

Check-in FAQs

How do you check-in and whose responsibility is it?
  • The check-in process is quick and easy. You simply check-in by scanning the QR code (on the check-in poster) with your phone. You will be prompted to enter your details and upload your COVID vaccination certificate or certificate of exemption from a medical practitioner. Once these steps have been completed, a tick will appear on the screen. To finalise, press submit to complete the check-in. Your details will be remembered next time you need to check-in.
  • It is the on-going responsibility of a care worker to check-in for each service. If you are a client, you may remind or confirm with a care worker that check-in is complete.
Will a care worker need to scan the QR code for each client service?
  • Yes, care workers need to scan the QR code for each client and each visit. This includes scanning each QR code for each client even if they share the same residence (ie, husband and wife). Care Connect are required by law to supply vaccination status reports weekly to the Australian Government with this record of immunicsation.
What if the client does not have a check-in poster at the entrance of their residence?
  • If you are unable to access a check-in poster, please call Care Connect support on 1300 866 228.

Medical Exemption FAQs

What if a care worker has a medical exemption from the vaccination?
My provider/employer does not require me to be vaccinated, can I still work?
  • If a provider /employer does not require a care worker to be vaccinated and you do not have a medical exemption, then please call Care Connect on 1300 866 228. Care Connect policy promotes the use of vaccinated workers where possible.

Care Connect Care Worker FAQs

Can I obtain the vaccination status of my client please?
  • Care Connect holds this information, however, we are bound by privacy rules which do not allow sharing of this information, however, a client may choose to share this with you.
What information do I enter that as my “organisation” field?
  • Your should write the information relating to your employer. For example, if youa re working for Mable, that is the name you put in the organisational field.
How do I check-in if I do not have a mobile phone today, I forgot my phone or my mobile phone is not working?
  • If this is a once-off situation, please discuss this with your employer or call Care Connect on 1300 866 228.
I’m only providing an outside service and I am not entering the client’s home, am I required to check-in?
  • It is required that check-in occur prior to commencing work. Most services funded by the Government, via Care Connect, are likely to be included within the health orders, even for once-off or outside services.
Will Care Connect make Home Assure available to other (non-Care Connect) clients and care workers?
  • Please call Care Connect to discuss your needs and how we might make this available to you.
Who do I call for a replacement copy of my HomeCheck check-in poster?
  • Please call Care Connect support 1300 866 228. We will process the request as quickly as possible. Currently mail services are under intense pressure, so it may take a few days to get to you.
Can my care worker still attend while I am waiting for a replacement QR code?
  • Yes. Your care worker can call our support helpline.


Assistance is available 24hr to make life easier.

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Care Connect will assess each situation based on the current Health Orders.