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We are pleased to release an updated and improved Supplier Portal effective 27 April, 2018.  It now contains the following new features:

1. Vendor Reference now included in the header filters

2. Totals display the sum of the all filtered transaction values.

  • ‘CCL Total’ is based on the original values
  • ‘Your Total’ incorporates any submitted variations

3. Filters available on all fields.  Users can now filter on any of the fields in addition to the header fields by clicking on the Header field to enable a pop up filter window.

4. Totals included in Excel extract.

These changes apply to the existing users of the Portal who have a ‘self-manage’ status, i.e. the provider reviews services and confirms delivery via the portal by ticking off the service.  An updated User Guide, Supplier Portal User Guide (self-manage) V2.0 is available below.

We are also working on a ‘view-only’ version of the Portal for selected providers who have a large volume of  transactions and are able to provide us with a flat file upload of their invoicing data.

Useful links

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Supplier Portal User Guide (self-manage) V2.0

Supplier Portal webinar – Portal registration and navigation

    • Supplier Portal webinar – Submit for payment

    • Supplier Portal webinar – Portal bulk upload

    • Supplier Portal webinar – Check the status

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