A career with us is rewarding on so many levels

You’ll become part of a team of like-minded individuals committed to changing people’s lives.

You’ll experience the fulfilment of knowing you’re having a positive effect on someone’s quality of life when they need your support the most.

Plus we offer you the chance to hone the skills as well as develop many new ones along the way. Quite simply, we are as supportive of own people as those we advocate for.

Our close-knit teams naturally encourage coaching and mentoring experiences, and reflect the overall values of the organisation.

Become part of a dynamic sector

The sector is evolving rapidly and working with Care Connect will put you right at the heart of this change. These changes mean we all need to learn and adapt fast. Every week brings exciting new issues, and every week we work together to resolve them.

If you like new ideas, challenging the norm and working in a dynamic, progressive environment with talented people, we’re ready to hear from you.


At Care Connect, we provide flexible, comprehensive benefits and competitive compensation so all team members can afford to take good care of themselves and their families. In addition we provide:

  • 5 weeks annual leave
  • meal, entertainment and accommodation tax benefits
  • 17.5% leave loading (on 4 weeks annual leave)
  • $400 annual tax-exempt retention bonus for permanent employees (those covered by the EBA)
  • paid parental leave (in addition to federally-funded paid Parental Leave)
  • 15 days personal leave per annum compared to standard legislated 10 days.

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Salary packaging

Full salary packaging arrangements of up to $15,500 are open to all team members so they can take advantage of tax benefits.

Rewards and recognition

Our Reward and Recognition Program ensures that exceptional achievements are noticed, appropriately recognised and shared throughout the organisation. We also celebrate Service Awards (recognition of service length).

Mobile location

Some structured roles are office-based but many of our Client Advisers work away from the office.

Flexible work arrangements

Our flexible work arrangements include:

  • variations to commencement and finishing times
  • job sharing
  • extended leave without pay (after a qualifying period). 

My career experience

Our learning and career experience has been developed to allow you to design your learning the way it suits you. You are in control of your career and how you want to get there!

Health and wellbeing

We support the health and wellbeing of all our team members with a range of monthly wellness campaigns including mental health awareness days, flu vaccinations and interactive competitions.

Employee assistance program

Our employee assistance program offers confidential counselling to employees and their direct family members.

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