Give your garden the TLC it needs

How your garden looks can set the tone for your home and be a source of pride.

Growing your own vegetables, tending the roses or simply enjoying the tranquility — however you use your garden, if you’re not able to tend to it like you’re used to, we can arrange regular professional help to ensure your garden is always looking its best.

Light home and garden care

On top of cleaning gutters or trimming hedges, many gardeners will be able to assist with light home maintenance, including tasks such as:
• Window cleaning
• Replacing tap washers
• Replacing smoke alarm batteries
• Adjusting dropped gates or planing uneven doors
• Connecting sprinkler systems

Regular gardening

Tackling your garden on a regular basis can become more challenging as you get older. We can connect you with trusted, reliable gardeners who can help:
• Mow your lawns
• Prune, clip and weed
• Mulch, feed and water plants
• Remove green waste

Lawn care

Maintaining your own lawn can become a thing of the past! Our garden service providers will regularly mow your lawn at the best height for optimal growth, and even help you maintain your lawn mower.

How to find out if you’re eligible
for gardening services

  • Independent Advice

    Talk with us about what you need

  • Application Help

    Make your first application for Government assistance stress-free — we do it with you!

  • Personalised Services

    We help you to choose the best services to suit your lifestyle

  • Ongoing Support

    Receive your package and see the life-changing impact home care services can have on your family

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