Allied Health Services

Help to connect your health services

If you have recently been hospitalised for illness or procedure, or need rehabilitation support for recovery from an injury, you are likely to need the advice of several different health specialists. Allied health professionals are all those who work with doctors and nurses to care for your health.

At Care Connect, we have the largest network of trusted service providers so we can connect you with the health professional you need. Whether it is a speech therapist, podiatrist, physiotherapist or any other allied health professional, we can provide you with details, or arrange the appointment and transport for you.

We can help you access:

  • speech therapy, optometry, podiatry, audiology or nutrition services
  • emotional support, including psychology or counselling services
  • rehabilitation support, such as occupational therapy or physiotherapy.

Will I need a referral?

You will need a referral for most allied health professionals, and we can help you arrange this. Without a referral, you may not be seen, or won’t be covered by Medicare. Arranging your referral will avoid delays and out-of-pocket expenses.

Your health care advocate

Often, we find our clients need help from someone who knows how the system works. With decades of experience in helping clients access health care, we know all about referrals, waiting lists, public and private services and eligibility for free services. We can cut through the maze for you because we know what’s available, and how to get it.

The team at Care Connect was extremely helpful and I am very grateful for the care and support I was given. I could not have gotten by without their help post hospital.