Socialising & companionship

Stay connected with your

Being connected to our friends, families and communities is a vital part of our lives. If your reduced mobility or illness, or caring for someone with these needs is preventing you from engaging in life, we’re here to help.

Social activities

We can help find you free activities and social opportunities in your local community. Regular craft classes, social groups or fitness groups can help you maintain wellness and make new connections. We can also help organise transport and other support to make sure you get there safely.

Day trips

Don’t miss out on activities you enjoy just because you may have trouble getting there. We can help you organise a Home Care Package that includes for example, day trips to the movies or theatre shows with a support carer, museum visits, or a day strolling the gardens. We can even help you arrange your next Christmas shopping expedition.

Becoming tech savvy

Your Home Care Package funds can go towards technology purchases to keep you connected to your friends and family. Subject to your needs, we can help you purchase tablets and iPads to help you contact your friends and family. We can also find suitable classes to help you learn how to use new technology.

How can I stay connected with my community?

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