Managing your Home Care Package

Managing your Home Care Package

Your Client Adviser

Your Care Connect Client Adviser will be your personal contact for all your home care needs. They will visit you to discuss your needs and options, and work out a comprehensive Care Plan with you to spend your package funds on the services you need and choose. They will check-in with you as often as you like, and undertake an annual review of your Care Plan as your needs and situation can change over time.

Our Client Advisers work for you. They will give you independent advice and guidance about the services and options available to you, and help you manage your Home Care Package the way you want. Find out more about our Client Advisers.

Your Care Plan and Budget

Your Care Plan is all about you. When you meet with your Client Adviser, you can talk about your home care needs and together identify your health and  lifestyle goals, and the services you need to achieve those. Your Care Plan will outline these goals and the services you have chosen.

When you map out your Care Plan with your Client Adviser, you will work within the budget of your Home Care Package.

Your available funds are made up of:
  • The government subsidy (level 1- 4)
  • Any government supplement (Veterans, oxygen, enteral feeding, dementia)
  • Your income-tested care fee
  • Any personal contribution you choose to make.
Your package expenses will include:
  • Administration costs
  • Care Management  – creating and reviewing your Care Plan with you, and the ongoing contact with your Client Adviser.
  • Service and support costs – to manage all your home care services and coordinate equipment or supplies.
  • Contingency – some clients allocate an amount each month to be ‘saved’ towards larger purchases or periodic expenses such as spring cleaning or longer social outings.

Following a home visit and once you have signed your Home Care Agreement, we will prepare your Care Plan. The budget allocation of your Home Care Package will be provided once services have been established. You will also be sent a monthly statement that shows exactly how your package is being spent.

For further information please visit our Home Care Package pricing page.