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In-Home Respite Care & Services

Take a short break with respite care

We understand that being a carer is as demanding as it is rewarding. You’re more inclined to put the needs of the person you’re caring for before your own, which can affect your physical and mental health.

Enjoy a well deserved break

We’re here to give you a breather. Our respite care service is designed to give you a break from your ongoing carer responsibilities. We can help you access home care and offsite respite support for you or the person you care for. This can be a regular or one-off service.

How can I access respite care?

We have strong partnerships with hundreds of quality service providers. This means you have ample choice on the provider that might work best for your circumstances. We’ll also determine if you are eligible for funding and then help you access this funding.

What forms of respite care are available?

We can offer you a great range of long and short-term options. Services range from in-home respite care (day and night) and centre-based day respite care to social and activity-based outings, overnight or weekend respite care.

Find out more about our HOME CARE SERVICES or call us on 1800 MYCHOICE (free call 1800 692 464).

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