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Aged Care at Home

Choose to receive your aged care services at home

Giving you the power of choice

We help put the power of choice back in your hands so you can keep your independence and if you choose, stay living at home for life. Giving you choice is our focus, and we are experts at achieving it with you. It’s also why our brand name is always supported by the line,  ‘it’s my choice’.

We’ll help you plan ahead

Planning ahead is important because you never know how your needs might change. Our highly qualified Client Advisers will help you plan and budget for your needs now and in the future.

Independent advice

As specialists in providing independent advice and guidance, we are entirely independent. This means we are not tied to any government agency or aligned with any particular service provider or aged care facility. With no vested interest in having you ‘buy from us’ we can connect you to hundreds of quality-approved service providers to get your plan into action.

Only the best services

We are discerning about which organisations we partner with. We undertake thorough and comprehensive assessments – including police checks and quality reviews.

Decades of experience

We are highly experienced, having provided high quality advice, assistance, independent guidance and support for people like you for more than 20 years. Our experience means we are able to look beyond what you may notice to address the frequently unseen or unconsidered barriers to living at home. We will then put a plan in place that meets your needs as they change over time.


All this adds up to you getting the right independent advice and services to continue making the most of life at home, for the rest of your life.

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