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Aged Care Experience

How we helped Derek find the right aged care support


Derek was living in a shared household because he has chronic psychotic disorder and needed others to help with his daily living activities. Both his elderly parents had died and he had no other family. We helped him access a Home Care Package and worked with him on a support plan that would be best for his future needs.

With our independent guidance and support, Derek applied for and was granted a new unit in an Aged Care Village. We were able to provide a range of support staff to help him with shopping and domestic assistance. A good match was made with Anna, his weekly support worker. He is so pleased with her help that he now has additional self-funded support provided by Anna.

Russell (pictured) – Derek’s Client Adviser


Helping Lydia to live at home

Lydia has a Home Care Package. She has been with Care Connect since 2014.

When she started with us she was under financial stress and suffering from anxiety. Her husband had just passed away and she was spending most of her pension just covering her rent. With little money left each fortnight she wasn’t getting the support she needed to stay living at home and was also terribly lonely.

To help allay her loneliness and anxiety I organised a Red Cross volunteer to visit Lydia once a week. She loved the thought of the Red Cross helping her because of all the help they gave in the war. Lydia talks about her Red Cross friend a lot and looks forward to her weekly visits.

Next I worked with Lydia to help manage her multiple food allergies. She already had a person doing her shopping, but I was able to find someone at a cheaper rate who would shop for her exact needs. Due to her high rent, Lydia needs to be very careful with her money, but ensures she has enough to spend on food and is able to continue cooking at home, which she enjoys doing.

I was also able to organise a cleaner to every fortnight to ensure her home felt clean and manageable.

I check in with Lydia often to make sure she is happy with her services she receives. I can also answer questions she has and help her with correspondence.

These days Lydia isn’t feeling as lonely as she did and her anxiety levels have gone down a lot. She is proud she can continue living independently at home….with a little help and company.

Val (pictured) – Lydia’s Client Adviser



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