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70% of older Australians are keen to keep up to date with technology

Care Connect’s Connectivity Report – older Australians are more tech savvy than we think.

Did you know older Australians (aged 70+) find technology relevant but daunting?

In particular:

  • 58% disagree, and 20% strongly disagree, that ‘New technology is not relevant to me’.
  • 58% agree, and 12% strongly agree, that ‘I am keen to keep up to date with new technology’
  • 43% agree, and 8% strongly agree, that ‘I find new technology daunting’.
  • 37% agree, and 6% strongly agree, that ‘I’m concerned about keeping up to date with technology’.

Care Connect’s ‘Connectivity Report’ explores the attitudes and behaviours of older Australians towards technology and their use of it to stay connected with family, friends and community. Findings from the report highlight how a large proportion of older Australians are using technology to maintain their independence and remain at home.

To read the full Connectivity Report click here.

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