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How many Home Care Packages are in Australia?

26 August 2019
A summary of Home Care Package program data Australia as at the 31st March  2019. Data from Home Care Package Program Data Report 3rd Quarter 2018 -19 How many Home Care Packages are in Australia? At 31 December 2018, there were 93,331 people in a home care package. Read more
Department of Health Home Care Package cover page

Val is helping Lydia to live at home

19 May 2017
Lydia has a Home Care Package. She has been with Care Connect since 2014. When she started with us she was under financial stress and suffering from anxiety. Her husband had just passed away and she was spending most of her pension just covering her rent. Read more

What will I get with Care Connect that is different?

28 March 2017
With Care Connect you get the benefit of Australia’s largest independent home care adviser. We only employ Client Advisers who provide independent advice and guidance to ensure you get the best outcomes that are right for you, your lifestyle and your budget. Read more

Hilary and Rod’s story

21 December 2016
All around Hilary and Rod, friends seemed to disappear, acquaintances were non-existent, and the TV had become Rod’s constant companion. After 46 years of marriage, their children were all that was left that connected them to the word outside, a world they had all but forgotten. Read more