Category: Aged Care

How Fitness Trackers Can Benefit Seniors

28 August 2018
Fitness is a significant health challenge, especially for Australian senior citizens. According to a Curtin University study, over 60% of older Australians aren’t physically active. This is a cause for concern, considering the increased risk of chronic illness that comes with age. Read more

Pets And Seniors – A Match Made In Heaven

14 August 2018
Sharing your life with a pet is a beautiful thing and offers many benefits for seniors. Beyond companionship, keeping pets is great for your health! Research has proven that pets can improve your quality of life, stabilising moods and blood pressure levels. Read more

How to switch your home care provider

30 June 2018
If your Home Care Package isn’t exactly what you need right now, switching is easier than you might think. Perhaps you’re avoiding looking at your options because you find the choices confusing. Read more