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Fighting flu starts with you

A female doctor vaccinating an older lady

Everyone six months and older is recommended to get an influenza (flu) vaccine each year. The flu vaccine not only protects you, but it also can help protect those around you. The flu vaccine is strongly recommended and free under the National Immunisation Program for people most at risk of complications from influenza, including: 

  • People 65 years and over 
  • Pregnant women (at any stage during pregnancy) 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6 months and over 
  • Children 6 months to less than 5 years 
  • People 6 months and over with certain medical conditions 

Some states and territories may offer free vaccines for other groups. Talk to your vaccination provider or visit your state or territory health department website to find out. If you are not eligible for a free vaccine, you can buy the vaccine. Talk to local vaccination providers to find out how much it will cost. There is more helpful information in the attachment below.

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