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Care Connect wins ‘Best Aged Care Software Development and/or Deployment ITAC Award’

21 December 2016

Care Connect is the proud recipient of the award for ‘Best Aged Care Software Development and/or Deployment ITAC Award’ from Information Technology in Aged Care.

In 2014, we engaged in a major technology project to connect thousands of clients to hundreds of providers around the country.  Care Connect operates completely on a brokerage model. After assessing systems then available in the market we could not find a solution that managed the complexity of individualised clients with the scale and capabilities we required.

That’s why we worked to create FOCUS.

The FOCUS system has and will continue to revolutionise the way we work with clients and providers, allowing for a completely customisable experience.

We are extremely proud of the teams involved across the business, for achieving this award, but more importantly, for achieving a unique and innovative system that will improve the way we work with providers, and enhance independence and choice for our clients.

Watch a short video about FOCUS on our YouTube channel

Hilary and Rod’s story

21 December 2016

All around Hilary and Rod, friends seemed to disappear, acquaintances were non-existent, and the TV had become Rod’s constant companion. After 46 years of marriage, their children were all that was left that connected them to the word outside, a world they had all but forgotten.

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