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What services are provided in a home care package?

The ability to receive in home care is becoming a hugely popular choice, so much so that there are more than 100,000 people waiting to secure a home care package.


Home Care services will vary depending on your individual situation and needs, and can include any of the following:


  • Your home care needs

At home, you might require help with certain tasks such as cleaning, de-cluttering, gardening and other maintenance work including installing smoke alarms or changing batteries. If you’re relocating into something more appropriate to your living needs, then you might be able to get help with moving into your new home and modifications like installing safety sensor lights, ramps and rails or handles. Depending on your package, you might also receive assistance to do your weekly shopping or support with preparing meals and using utensils.


  • Your health care needs

These services are dependent on your individual level of care required, which will be tailored to your home care package. Nursing care which includes 24/7 support for medication management is available, as well emergency assistance, wound and post-operative care and transport to and from health professionals. We can also help you access allied health services such as speech therapy, podiatry, audiology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and emotional support through psychology or counselling services.


  • Your social needs

We can connect you with access to community outings such as movies, shows, daytrips, fitness groups or craft classes, as well as more individualised support such as one-on-one time reading newspapers and magazines, writing gift/Christmas cards or just having someone to have a conversation with.


How do you access these services?


By getting in touch with Australia’s largest independent home care specialist, Care Connect can help you live comfortably at home for longer. We provide advice and guidance and help develop a care plan unique to your needs, before organising the right support and connecting you with trusted, quality of service providers.


For more information about accessing a home care package, contact us today.


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