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What To Discuss When Developing Your Home Care Plan

Are you one of the many Australians who dread the thought of going into an aged care home? As much as we’d all like to stay independent forever, there comes a time in every person’s life where they might need a little help at home. That’s where home care comes in. Being able to grow old in your own home is an attractive option for many aging Australians. When you choose to live at home, you will receive a Home Care Package, and create a home care plan outlining your home care needs that you provider will need to deliver. This will ensure you are on the same page with your home care provider about your requirements.

Your home care plan will be made up of the following:

  • exactly what will be provided
  • who will provide it
  • the timing and frequency
  • the cost of the services you will receive
  • your contribution (if applicable)
  • your income tested fee
  • the costs your provider incurs in managing your home care package.

Before meeting with your adviser, it’s useful to have a list of items to discuss. Here are a few of the more important items to put on your list:

Identify your personal goals

Knowing what you want to achieve from homecare gives you a better idea on which options are suitable. A good question to ask here is: what does a meaningful life mean to me? Is it spending more time with family and friends, staying in your home as long as possible, or ensuring you remain physically active?

Discuss the support you receive and the additional support needed

Your adviser will need to know what support you already receive from family or your community and what additional help you require. Home care services are designed to offer help in areas outside your support framework. What extra help will make you feel safe? Who do you want to be supported by? When do you want to receive such support?

Finalise your home care budget plan

At this stage, your adviser will outline the costs involved in your personalised home care plan. It’s important that each item is discussed and that you fully understand what each cost refers to.

Once you’ve developed your home care plan, your provider will provide you with a Home Care Agreement stating all the services and terms you’ve discussed with the adviser to sign.

If you want to explore the many benefits of home care, contact Care Connect today. We can help you find the right home care package to suit your needs, ensuring you live a long and happy life at home.


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