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Deputy CMO Professor Paul Kelly COVID19 Press Conference 20 May, 2020

Read the transcript of the press conference given by Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly about coronavirus (COVID-19) on 20 May 2020 HERE.


  • Australia is in a much better situation than many other countries in the world.
  • The COVIDSafe app is working as designed. The Digital Transformation Agency has undertaken comprehensive testing on a technical nature and can confirm the functionality of the app on a range of devices, operating systems and manufacturers of phones. 5.9 million Australians have the app on their phone. It is working as designed. It’s part of our component of controlling this pandemic as we go forward.
  • Prof. Kelly spoke at a World Health Assembly meeting amongst 136 countries about the experience of the pandemic in Australia, and called for an independent, impartial and comprehensive examination of the World Health Organisation’s approach to the pandemic, so that we can really learn the lessons of the origins of the virus, the source of the virus and what has happened over the last few months in relation to the spread around the world and our global response.


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