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Have you ever considered volunteering? It has its benefits.

With an estimated 6 million of us volunteering around the country each year, it seems we know a thing or two about the range of benefits it provides. Volunteering not only benefits the people, animals and community we’re helping, but is also great for our wellbeing.

As well as enabling you to feel that you’re a part of something greater than yourself, volunteering can also help you make new friends, learn new skills and provide an increased sense of purpose.

If volunteering sounds like something you’d like to consider getting involved in, an excellent place to start is by having a chat with family or your Care Manager about the type of causes that are important to you.

Meaningful ways you can volunteer:

1. Red Cross Trauma Teddies

Provide comfort to children at a time of crisis. A happy face in a lonely time.

2. Translators Without Borders

Help provide a wide range of information, enabling people to get vital information and be heard.

3. Wrap with Love

Join the mission to distribute wraps to aid agencies and charities for those needing warmth.

4. Animal Rescue Cooperative Craft Guild

Work together to make knitted toys, joey pouches, possum cubbies or blankets for animals.

Facebook group.

5. Australian Museum Digital Volunteers

The Digivol wildlife spotter project allows you to become a citizen scientist and assist researchers.

6. Capes for kids

Gift carefully crafted capes to children in hospital, so they feel they have a protective barrier of ‘superpowers’.


Would you like some help with transport to and from an activity? If an activity such as volunteering aligns with your Care Plan goals, you may wish to discuss using Home Care Package funding to cover travel costs.

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