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Helping people living with dementia to stay at home longer.

Dementia Support Australia is excited to announce their new program – Staying at Home, an Australian Government funded carer wellbeing and respite program. It provides advice and practical strategies for supporting a person with dementia to remain in their own home for as long as possible.

Designed as a ‘short stay’ residential program, people living with dementia are offered an introduction to respite while you join other carers in a peer support educational program. You and your loved one will receive practical suggestions from experienced staff, including nurses, allied health clinicians and others.


Topics include:

  • Understanding and managing dementia;
  • Looking after yourself and planning for the future;
  • Managing behaviour changes associated with dementia;
  • Support for transition into respite care;
  • Meaningful engagement: how to continue enjoying activities for longer; and
  • Managing physical changes: mobility, continence and communication.


Accommodation and meals are included, and you don’t need respite approval.


If you would like to discuss further supports for carers and those living with dementia, please reach out to your Care Manager for tailored advice.

To register your interest in ‘Staying at Home’, please contact Dementia Support Australia, by either calling their 24-hour helpline
1800 699 799 OR visiting their website for Stay at Home Support Dementia Support Australia


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