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Meet Emery. Life, made easier.

Meet Emery. Due to mobility challenges and a heart condition, Emery, now 76, lives with her daughter Brianne who is dedicated to supporting her mother’s independence and happiness.

1. The challenge:

Recently, Emery experienced a fall at home, after which she was admitted to hospital for hip surgery. Emery became concerned about losing her independence and becoming more of a demand on her daughter’s time while recovering.


2. Solution without a Care Manager:

Without a Care Manager, Emery would be much more reliant on her daughter’s time and support to live at home, particularly with reduced mobility and attending follow-up medical appointments.

3. The Care Manager difference:

Leia brings peace of mind to clients and their families who are often overwhelmed with the additional responsibilities of caring for a parent.

Emery’s Care Manager, Leia, understood how important it was for her to maintain her independence and a close relationship with her daughter. For Emery’s safety and mobility at home, Leia recommended personal care, enabling Emery to shower and navigate the stairs with confidence.

Maintaining a clean home was important to Emery, so cleaning services were incorporated into her care plan. This avoided Brianne needing to take precious leave from work to take on additional duties at home.

Transport services were also scheduled to various medical appointments and to help Emery continue her art classes.


Please reach out to Care Connect if you are interested in applying for a Home care Package. Care Connect will provide clarity on your home care options and what is most suited to your needs.

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Please speak with Care Connect to discuss the suitability of various products and services as part of your funding. It is a requirement that all products and services purchased within a package must align with the care plan, specifically the care goals, of that individual.


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