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How Care Connect responds to changes in your care needs.

As part of our commitment to improving your health and well-being, Care Connect is here to provide ongoing support. Most of our clients are under the care of a health professional.

These are some of the steps your Care Manager might take to respond to any changes in your health:

  • Request you visit your GP or other health professional to prescribe any immediate treatment options if required, e.g. antibiotics, wound care, etc;
  • Chat with you, your family (if appropriate) and support workers to understand any impacts that the health changes have had on your day-today independence and care;
  • Consult with your GP and other treating health professionals, to understand the care and services you may need;
  • Review your current services and support, and make any necessary changes to ensure your needs are being met within your allocated budget;
  • Refer you to My Aged Care if you would benefit from a package upgrade; or
  • Communicate and share any changes with those involved in your care.


The sooner your Care Manager knows there has been a change in your care needs, the better the outcome is likely to be.



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