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Meet Yvonne. Life, made easier.

Meet Yvonne who lives with her son Greg. To Yvonne, independence is invaluable. She is a proud great-great-grandmother, a family historian, and a twice-published author who advocates for those impacted by dementia.


1. The challenge:

Yvonne recently celebrated her 100th birthday and doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. She has a limited mobile capacity, manages a chronic cardiovascular condition and has long-term dressings which require routine changes. Shopping and preparing nutritious meals are also challenging.


2. Without a Care Manager:

Without the insight and support of Yvonne’s Care Manager, she may need to consider options outside of independent living, potentially limiting her freedom and choice.

3. The Care Manager difference:

  • Tessalie approaches her partnership with Yvonne by understanding her need for independence, the cornerstone of her overall wellbeing.
  • Tessalie is passionate about proactive support, and adapting services to suit Yvonne’s changing needs. As a client for close to 10 years, Yvonne’s package has evolved to offer the freedom and independence she values.
  • Routine transport and taxi services to appointments and weekly shopping support Yvonne to stay out and about.
  • A personal alarm and minor home modifications have been curated by Tessalie, empowering Yvonne to live safely and securely at home.
  • Tessalie is dedicated to making Yvonne’s life easier,
    arranging personal care, home nursing, and massage.
    Each contributes to Yvonne’s overall health and wellbeing.


Please speak with Care Connect to discuss the suitability of various products and services as part of your funding. It is a requirement that all products and services purchased within a package must align with the care plan, specifically the care goals, of that individual.


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