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Men’s Sheds.

Since the 1990’s Men’s Sheds have played an important role in providing men with a place to go and a community to belong to, where they can simply enjoy an atmosphere of mate ship.

older man restoring a bicycle with his sleeves rolled up

And while no two sheds are the same, many make important contributions to their local communities, providing ‘shedders’ (shed participants) with an important sense of belonging.

A peek behind the scenes of a local shed and you might see shedders:

  • Enjoying a BBQ breakfast
  • Working on local charity projects
  • Restoring bicycles for a local school
  • Or simply having a yarn and a cuppa, if that’s all they’re looking for.


So, if an atmosphere of connection, community and mateship sounds like your cup of tea, call 1300 550 009 or click the link below to find a shed near you:



Please let your Care Manager know if you’d like assistance attending Men’s Shed. Your Home Care Package funds may be used to support this social activity.

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