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Joy, purpose & connections.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the incredible contribution made by Queen Elizabeth II in her 70 years of service to the Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth II worked until two days before she died at the age of 96 and became an unintentional ambassador and icon for older people to promote the value of remaining active, engaged and involved in things that matter.

Of course, we don’t share the privilege that comes with royalty, but there are some things you can do that give you joy, a sense of purpose and connections to others. All around us there are inspiring examples of older people working, volunteering or getting involved in activities that are rewarding to themselves and potentially others too.

Care Connect is mindful that many of our readers have health problems, sometimes limited mobility, or they may be carers of someone, which prevents them from participating in activities as fully as they might like. Care Connect Care Managers are here to help you make the most of opportunities tailored to the needs of older people receiving care and services at home.


You are encouraged to use your Home Care Package to engage in meaningful activities that improve your independence, health and wellbeing.


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