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Vision Australia Library Service.

If you’re one of the estimated 575,000 people in Australia who are blind or vision impaired, Vision Australia’s library service can open a world of entertainment.

As a member of the Vision Australia Library, you can access a huge range of entertaining materials, including:

  • Thousands of newspapers, magazines and braille music pieces;
  • Fiction and non-fiction books in a variety of languages;
  • Regular podcasts; and
  • Access to online databases with current information and research.


And if you’d like to read a book that’s unavailable, they can make that happen too.

Plus, members can borrow printed braille books from the library and have them posted free of charge.

One of the other additional benefits is the ability to request up to 360 print pages of personal information per year, to be converted into the format of your choice.

This can include legal documents, manuals for home appliances, recipes, knitting patterns and even old letters!


Vision Australia Library

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