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Meet Neville. Life, made easier.

Meet Neville. He lives at home with his cat Harry in a townhouse in Melbourne’s North. Neville is passionate about reading and learning and formerly worked as a teacher. He loves reading to his grandchildren.


1. The challenge:

Neville lives with nerve and muscle deterioration in his legs and finds mobility increasingly challenging. This has made it difficult to stay active at home and in the community.

2. Without a Care Manager:

While Neville struggles to get up and down stairs at home, he also finds it challenging to stand for long periods to cook, travel to the library, or buy his groceries. With time, his children would likely find Neville more reliant on them for transport and meals with growing concern for his risk of falling.

3. The Care Manager difference:

  • Natalia prioritises Neville’s independence, tailoring his package, supporting him to continue to live the life he loves at home.
  • As Neville now struggles to stand and cook, Natalia organises prepared and nutritious meals five days per week.
  • Natalia appreciates that Neville loves learning and feeling connected to the local community, so she has arranged lessons to help him use the computers at his local library.
  • Neville and his family have more comfort knowing that his Home Care Package supports his safety. He now has a personal alarm that will notify his children if he becomes unwell or has a fall at home.
  • In the future, Natalia and Neville are considering using his funds for a chair lift to access his top floor, supporting his independence, safety and happiness at home.

Please speak with Care Connect to discuss the suitability of various products and services as part of your funding. It is a requirement that all products and services purchased within a package must align with the care plan, specifically the care goals, of that individual.

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