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Living with arthritis

With arthritis being the leading cause of chronic pain in Australia, affecting over 3.6 million people, it can significantly impact our daily activities. 

If you’re living with arthritis, neuropathy or poor circulation in your hands, compression gloves may help to ease pain and discomfort. 

Developed by an orthopaedic surgeon, their unique design provides mild compression for warmth and increased blood circulation to help promote healing and allow more freedom to complete daily tasks. 

If you’re considering purchasing gloves, it’s important to ensure you get the right size, as compression that’s too tight can be dangerous and compression that’s too loose will offer little relief. Arthritis Australia has helpful information on understanding and managing arthritis, which is available in 14 different languages: 

Please call your Care Manager to discuss whether your HCP funds can assist with purchasing gloves to meet your needs associated with arthritic pain.


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