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Spring cleanse!

In addition to being known as ‘the season of love’, spring is also a season of fresh starts – so it’s no wonder that for many, spring-cleaning is a yearly tradition. While doing chores may not sound very exciting, spring-cleaning actually has many benefits. In fact, a clean home can help reduce allergies, increase happiness, and improve concentration.

As the weather turns warmer, take the time to get your home organised and tidy. Here are five simple spring-cleaning tips:

  1. Do a little bit each day:
    Spring-cleaning doesn’t have to be done all in one day. Take your time and tackle one task each day. Spreading it out will make spring-cleaning feel less overwhelming. Plus, seeing your results from even small projects, like cleaning out a spare bedroom closet, can help motivate you to do more.
  2. Prioritise getting rid of clutter:
    You’ve likely accumulated a lot over the years. Decluttering not only helps free up space, but studies* show it can also ease feelings of stress, decrease anxiety and relieve insomnia. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of items you no longer need or want. Sort your belongings into three piles – keep, donate or rubbish.
  3. Don’t forget your medicine cabinets:
    Unused or expired medications can clutter your cabinets. Plus, they increase the risk that you, or a loved one, could mistakenly take the wrong medication. Gather up any medications that are no longer necessary or expired – this includes both prescription and over-the-counter drugs – and instead of just throwing them away, be extra cautious, and kind to the environment, and take them to your local pharmacist who will dispose of them safely. To find a pharmacy near you visit: findapharmacy.com.au/our-services and search for ‘Return Unwanted Medicines’.
  4. Stay safe:
    Make sure you have fresh batteries in your smoke detectors and that they are properly functioning. Also take the time to check the expiration on your fire extinguisher(s). If it has expired, replace it promptly. Look for smaller models that fit nicely in a cabinet or closet, and are easy for you to manage. For more information about proper use of a fire extinguisher and a complimentary fire extinguisher chart for your home, visit: fireandsafetyaustralia.com.au/resources.
  5. Enlist the help of family and friends!
    Don’t feel like you have to take on your spring-cleaning projects alone. Instead, get social and enlist family and friends to help. Not only will it get the job done faster, but it may actually make completing these chores more fun for everyone. 

View, download or print our Spring Safety Checklist  for other important things you can do to keep your home clutter-free and safe.

If you’d like to find out more about how Care Connect can help make your chores easier, keep your home safe, or to learn about how you may be eligible to receive additional support,  speak to your friendly team, 1800 692 464.

Source: * The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP): What does clutter do to your brain and body? January, 2019



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