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Holiday Health Tips

With the holiday season comes an array of foods that we don’t normally eat, but love, including mince pies, latkes, rich cheeses, and lots of chocolate! And, while it is rare that families are serving healthy options during the festivities (!), it falls on us to make the right decision to avoid over-indulgence.

Unfortunately the older we get, the slower our metabolism works, and the harder it gets to fight off the extra kilos, and other potential health hazards. So, we’ve been busy researching websites from around the world, and have found the most talked-about tips to help keep you safe and well during the holiday season:

  • Drink plenty of water: with all the food, alcohol, activities and sunshine, your body runs a higher risk of dehydration. According to Health Direct, water is good on many levels for your body as it helps flush out toxins and cleanse the body faster than any other drink. It can also help stop you from over eating by making you feel full faster – tip: after a plate of food, drink a glass of water, and see if you still want another plate.
  • Don’t drink alcohol in excess: the holidays are a great time to relax with your favourite beverage. Most alcohol is loaded with carbohydrates, and unnecessarily high calorie counts, and these could ultimately cause inflammation of the joints – making problematic joints and muscles worse. While it may be hard to not indulge, there are many options for you to choose from, dependent on your dietary and health needs, that still assure you will have a good time.
  • Take a walk after a large meal: It is natural to want to rest (and sometimes have a little nap) after a large meal. And, while sleep during the holidays is important, it has the potential to allow food to sit. As food sits, it does not turn into energy for your body, instead it gets stored as fat cells. Throughout life it is important to keep a somewhat active lifestyle to age healthily.
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule: Try to develop a routine. It is recommended for most adults to get at least six (6) hours of sleep per night. While younger family members may use the holiday off-time to catch up on sleep and relax, they too get thrown off by a different sleep schedule.
  • And, last but not least, don’t forget to be sun smart! Always wear high SPF sunscreen, and cover up in the afternoon sun.  Even if it’s cloudy, strong UV can still get through.  Sunburn and sunstroke cannot only ruin the holidays, it can also cause long-term health risks. 

Above all, enjoy the holidays! It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time, and enjoy the pageantry, with friends and family.


Important note: These tips are to complement the good health you keep all year, however please remember that they are guidance only, and not recommendations.  Always speak to your primary healthcare provider or GP before embarking on a new diet, exercise or medication routine.



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