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Maximise the last of summer

Older woman smiling while gardening in the sun

From taking care of your health to getting organised for the new season: here’s how to maximize the last of summer. 

Pop into your local farmer’s market: Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables such as apricots, strawberries, leeks and asparagus – they are loaded with vitamins and immune-boosting nutrients to help keep you healthy! 

Prepare for allergy season: When the leaves start to change colour, perennial allergies such as mould & dust can start to become a problem. If you do suffer from allergies, make sure you speak to your GP or primary healthcare provider to ensure that you have enough of the right medication before the season gets into full swing. 

Purge your closet: The shift between seasons is the perfect time to declutter and organise your closet, but some of us can find this overwhelming. Here’s a trick we found online: Look at each of your items and think about whether or not you’ve used it or worn it since the end of last summer. If the answer is “no” then it’s time to get rid of it, or recycle it through friends or your local OpShop J.  

Schedule some ‘me’ time: A change in the seasons is a great time to do a mental health check-in, and schedule some ways to take care of yourself. This can include getting a massage or a facial. Or, it could be scheduling therapy sessions, finding a life coach, or talking to your doctor about your mental health. Whatever your needs, it’s always important to find more balance and happiness in your life! 

Prepare the garden: Autumn is an important season for gardening, and mowing the lawn and trimming hedges now will keep your garden looking neat.  

Don’t forget the gutters: Now is a great time to clear your gutters.  Doing this will help water to flow correctly once the wetter weather sets in. Please ensure that you get a professional in to do this for youdon’t go climbing up a tall ladder! 

If you’re starting to find that you could do with a little extra help around the home or in the garden, chat to one of our friendly team members about additional services through a Home Care Package. Call: 1800 692 464. 

Source: We have sourced this information from many popular sites on the internet. These tips are not recommendations, but meant as general information only.  Always check with your GP or primary healthcare provider before taking any new medication, or embarking on any strenuous task or new exercise regime. 


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