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How the great outdoors keeps us connected

A scenic photograph of a lake during sunset

No matter the weather, social connection is more important than ever for our physical and mental wellbeing, and spending time with others can help to decrease stress, improve our mood, and make us feel that we are a valuable part of our community.

Australia’s beautiful parks, coastlines and forests play an important role in building happy, healthy and active communities, and there are many local councils that run programs and events where you can join in on community activities such as walking groups or outdoor exercise classes. U3A also offer a huge variety of activities for the over fifty’s such as cycling, boat trips and bushwalking.

Whether you want to get active today, or use your time indoors on a rainy day to plan for an activity, find out more about outdoor group activities by contacting your local council, or by visiting the following websites:

NSW: www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au 

VIC: www.parks.vic.gov.au 

U3A: www.u3aonline.org.a 


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