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What to do if you fall

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A sudden fall can be startling and upsetting. If you do fall, stay as calm as possible, take several deep breaths to try to relax. Remain still on the ground for a few moments to help you get over the shock of falling. Decide if you are hurt before getting up. Getting up too quickly or in the wrong way could make an injury worse. 

If you are hurt or cannot get up on your own, ask someone for help or call 000. If you are alone, try to get into a comfortable position and wait for help to arrive. 

Carrying a mobile with you as you move about your house or outdoors could make it easier to call someone if you need assistance. An emergency response system*, which lets you push a button on a special necklace or bracelet to call for help, is another option. 

For more information about falls and fall prevention and a list of useful contacts, you can download the Health Department falls prevention booklet from our website:  

*Assistive devices and emergency response systems may be provided as part of a Home Care Package.  If you feel ready to increase your level of in-home support, please contact your friendly team at Care Connect on: 1800 692 464 or email: <use for CHSP clients>. 


Source: Australian Government Department of Health. 


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