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Embracing Independence: How Care Connect has helped to transform Betty’s Life

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As we get older, everyday tasks can become challenging. When Betty needed help at home, Care Connect was there for her.

Betty has led an extraordinary life. She was a champion golfer and tennis player, but life was not always easy growing up.

At 14, her father made her leave school. “I loved school,” said Betty. “I loved everything… I loved maths, I loved English…”

That love never left, earning a university degree when her three daughters were grown.

“That was good,” she said. “I got there in the end.”

Recently, health problems threatened Betty’s independence. Frustrated with another provider, a call with Home Care Package provider, Care Connect, gave her hope.

“They were just so lovely, just so professional but caring,” Betty said. “I knew I was going to get cared for because they were caring people.

“I haven’t looked back since. It’s been an amazing journey.”

Betty now lives with her beloved dog, Jack, on a picturesque property near Bendigo. As a Home Care Package client with Care Connect, she gets the help she needs to live safely and independently at home. Betty’s Care Manager, Jess, partnered with her to tailor a care plan that includes cleaning, meals and home modifications.

Jess also arranged allied health therapies for her back problems. Betty is even considering a return to the golf course.

“Jess is the most beautiful, caring and approachable person,” said Betty. “She would do anything to help me. I feel like she’s more my sister.

“If I ring and she’s not there, she always gets back in touch to see if I’m okay. When I’ve had falls, she rings or texts every week.”

Being at home is so important to Betty, so having a network of support that understands her needs and ensures the services delivered are of the highest quality is paramount.

The Care Connect team – Service Coordinators, Care Workers, Team Leaders and Jess – have partnered with Betty to ensure she receives the connections of care to meet her personal needs.

This has meant independence, enhanced quality of life and the chance to do the things she loves.


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