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As a heatwave blasts the south-east, residents in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are being told to brace for scorching temperatures, potential bushfires and disruptions to community infrastructure (such as power and public transport).

We urge you to heed all health and emergency warnings, and ensure that you keep yourselves safe and well, particularly over this weekend and into next week as the run of hot days’ start.

The purpose of this document is to draw your attention to up to date severe weather and fire warning notifications and provide some resources.


Warnings and Areas Impacted:

Extreme and Severe Heat Warnings for NSW, QLD and North West Regional Victoria (Mallee) from today, through to early-mid next week. See details here – please note these warnings relate to both severe weather and severe fire warnings:





It’s important that you take care of your yourself, your staff and our clients.

Please stay informed.  Here are some resources/information that we have shared with our clients today:


Don’t leave anything to chance.  Please do not travel to or through any high bushfire risk areas in regions classified as extreme, where a bushfire is occurring, or for which a specific bushfire warning has been issued.

Consider taking a Vehicle Bushfire Kit with you on your trip.  Maintain regular contact with your office and ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged and switched on at all times.

If you need to cancel a service or become aware of a Care Connect client that needs support or has been affected by the heat, a bushfire or any emergency, please contact us immediately via procurement@careconnect.org.au or call 1300 866 228.


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