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Provision of Services in NSW NORTHERN BEACHES LGAs

18 December, 2020:  Given the recent COVID outbreak, for the next week we instruct you that:

  • Immediately: masks must be worn inside the home or on the property of the client until further notice
  • You should continue services unless you hear otherwise from Care Connect.  Some clients may elect to cancel services and we will let you know if that occurs
  • You must continue all COVIDSafe practices, including implementing the screening process and follow health and government guidelines at all times

Further advice can be found here from the NSW government:

Care Connect understands that the wearing of masks greatly enhances a sense of safety, however due to restrictions on the availability of PPE, specifically masks, and in line with the directives of the Department of Health, Care Connect is not able to provide its care workers with masks whilst providing services to clients who are well.

This is a directive from the Department of Health to ensure that there are sufficient quantities of PPE for those that are caring for, or treating, people who have been infected with Coronavirus.

Care Connect is committed to the safety of its clients and the care workers that service them.  If a situation arises where there is a client with suspected or confirmed Coronavirusand essential services cannot be delayed or delivered in another way, service providers must provide staff with PPE so that the essential service can be conducted as recommended by the Department of Health.

If clients want to work outside these guidelines (by being stricter), they can.  The proposal is that client will cover the cost of PPE in those cases.  Care Connect will initiate (i.e. pay for PPE) if the PPE used is in line with the government guidelines.   Service Providers are to source their own PPE (v20.4.20).

Additional information on the use of surgical masks:


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