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Enhanced restrictions in place in Victoria for aged care workers/border closures

There are enhanced restrictions in place in Victoria to protect people providing and receiving aged care services.


Department of Health update for aged care workers providing services in the Victorian community as at Sunday 14 February:


Key Messages:

  • All workers are to wear surgical masks AND eye protection (face-shields preferred, goggles where face-shields are not practical) at all times. Tier 3 PPE (including N95 masks) is required for staff when they are providing care to those who are symptomatic, suspected or confirmed to have COVID.
  • You may travel outside the 5km radius for work, including to visit or support clients, if this cannot be done remotely.
  • Essential workers, including health and aged care workers, are not required to get permits but must carry a form of employee identification to show the need to travel and be prepared to provide details of their place of employment, should this be required.
  • Where you are able you should return to phone or telehealth service delivery during this period.
  • Where it is necessary to conduct face to face care, consider rescheduling the appointment to after this period.
  • If there is an exceptional circumstance which has led to an urgent need for face to face care, you should apply appropriate risk mitigation strategies with appropriate use of required PPE, hand and respiratory hygiene and social distancing measures.

Review the full update here. This includes a factsheet which specifies the inclusion of student placements as essential workers.


What services can/cannot be provided during lockdown?  


The Commonwealth Department of Health expects all essential aged care services to continue during this period where it is safe to do so. Essential services include:

  • Meals (delivered to the home only);
  • Transport (trips to essential medical appointments only);
  • Domestic Assistance (delivery of groceries and other essential shopping only);
  • Nursing;
  • Personal Care;
  • Allied Health and Therapy Services;
  • Social Support (phone and online-based services only).

DHHS Victoria (via a Care Connect call to the Coronavirus Hotline) adds:

Any other services are not permitted unless there is a health and safety risk that cannot wait until after the end of lockdown.

Stay safe, stay well and stay connected by keeping up to date with important health authority guidance and advice, and by logging in to Provider Connect.






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