12 March 2021

We have recently been advised by a small number of Providers that calls to Care Connect via the 1300 & 1800 numbers are, intermittently, either not getting through, or are dropping out.


Despite having this limited call log data, we have been able to progress our investigations and have been advised this morning that this is a carrier network issue.


To attempt to resolve these issues, the carrier is making changes to its core network and we are continuing to conduct daily call testing, however, to ensure that these problems do not arise again, we are asking for your support.


If you experience, or you hear of a colleague or client experiencing any issues with calls to Care Connect, please email the following information to our IT team at


  • Approximate time of the call
  • Number the caller has called from
  • Number the caller dialled to reach us
  • Any details about what happened on the call


We are continuing to use every effort to expedite a resolution, and will keep you posted of progress.


Thank you for your continued support.