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Aged Care & Home Care Services forum in Melbourne a great success.

19 May 2017

Our first Aged Care and Home Care Services forum in Ringwood, Melbourne last Tuesday was a great success. Guests were keen to understand how to access a Home Care Package, what in home care services are available and how to stay independently living at home instead of going into retirement living.

Many attendees wanted to continue living at home as they age, but were not sure how they could do that. The forums aim to help them find the information so that they can make decisions for themselves.

We will continue to run the forums across locations in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Visit the Care Connect website to register for upcoming events.

Here is what attendees had to say about the night:

At the Home Care Services forum in Melbourne “The only thing we knew prior to this forum was that your only option was going into a retirement village. We have got to the stage in our lives where the jobs are getting a bit big – and like many people we find it hard to ask for help. We learnt on the night that there are many services we can access to help us stay living at home longer.”

Colin (left) and Jean (right) with Paul, CEO, Care Connect (centre)


Don & Velda at the Home Care Services forum with Velda in Melbourne“We learnt that at every stage along the way there is someone who can help us. When we don’t know the next step there is someone who knows what questions to ask.”

Don and Velda with Nes (right) , Care Connect Client Adviser


“I learnt some really important information about paying for my funeral upfront to save money.”



“I found the information very good and want to do an aged care assessment in the next few weeks.



Val is helping Lydia to live at home

19 May 2017

Lydia has a Home Care Package. She has been with Care Connect since 2014. When she started with us she was under financial stress and suffering from anxiety. Her husband had just passed away and she was spending most of her pension just covering her rent.

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Why owning a pet is good for you

6 April 2017

  While known to be human’s best friends, the latest research indicates that there are many more benefits to having a pet. For a start, pets actually make us physically and mentally healthier. Interestingly, the RSPCA reports that ownership of cats and dogs saved approximately $3.

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What will I get with Care Connect that is different?

28 March 2017

With Care Connect you get the benefit of Australia’s largest independent home care adviser. We only employ Client Advisers who provide independent advice and guidance to ensure you get the best outcomes that are right for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

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Hilary and Rod’s story

21 December 2016

All around Hilary and Rod, friends seemed to disappear, acquaintances were non-existent, and the TV had become Rod’s constant companion. After 46 years of marriage, their children were all that was left that connected them to the word outside, a world they had all but forgotten.

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