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Nothing can hold David back!

26 November 2020
David is the type of person you could sit with and listen to for hours on end. The many stories and experiences that have created his colourful life are fascinating to say the least. Read more

I got to be a daughter again!

26 November 2020
Jacinta and her brother and sister were concerned about their Mum’s declining cognitive state. “We had been independently to visit her GP to discuss our concerns, and then again with Mum (Patricia). The GP suggested we also have Dad (Peter) tested. Read more

Extra care when you can’t be there

26 November 2020
Karen’s mum, Mary, is in her seventies.  Since her husband passed away, she has lived alone on the family farm in rural Victoria.  She’s fiercely independent and can do most things on her own.  She never asks for, or accepts, much - if any - help from Karen or her younger brother Mark. Read more


27 October 2020
Following two straight days of zero new cases of Coronavirus in Victoria, the Premier has announced the easing of lockdown restrictions. Read more